Private sector does not want wage rise to be the same nationwide


BANGKOK, 1 July 2015 -The majority of manufacturers recently surveyed have agreed that the minimum wage should not be adjusted at this time as the economy still remains in doldrums.

Employers’ Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry Vice President Tanit Sorat has revealed in the survey that most manufacturers in Thailand do not want the minimum wage to be the same throughout the nation, given the costs of production vary from one region to another.

They do not want the wage to rise just yet as the export growth is slow and prices of farm goods are declining. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Nakorn Silapa-archa said the Provincial Wage Committee is currently collecting information on the minimum wage rate and economic growth in each province.

The Central Wage Committee is expected to finalize its decision on the new wage rate within August. The new rate will be fair to both workers and their employers, according to the Labor Permanent Secretary.