Princess Srirasm monitors the progress of royal breastfeeding promotion project


BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 – About 73.6 percent of mothers in Tambon Baan Phue, Jom Phra District, Surin Province, have been feeding their babies with breast milk for the first six months of birth. The rate is an outstanding rise from 37.8 percent in 2011 before the “Tambon Breast Milk for Family Bonding” Project was introduced to the community.

Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasm, the Princess Consort to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, who has been pushing the project for years, yesterday visited a child development center at Baan Phue Village, in Jom Phra District, to witness the progress of the breastfeeding campaign. The “Tambon Breast Milk for Family Bonding” Project is launched under cooperative efforts of various provincial units such as the Jom Phra district hospital and the provincial office of the Health Department. Together, they have instilled the knowledge into local people that breast milk is not only food but the foundation of human life.

The promotion of breastfeeding in local communities started from the family, the smallest unit of the society. A network of supporting organizations and locals were then created resulting in the rise in number of mothers who breastfeed. Her Royal Highness Princess Srirasm on this occasion visited outstanding mothers who are members of the royal project at their respective homes. These mothers have breastfed for six months since their child delivery and intend to continue breastfeeding until the babies turn one year old.