Princess Chulabhorn impresses nation with her efforts to save people from cancer


BANGKOK, 4 July 2012  – People recognize Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn as founder of Chulabhorn Hospital, but not many know that the Princess also takes her roles in diagnosing illnesses at the hospital ward.

The Princess, as a qualified scientist, often joins a grand-round ward activity to follow the progress of treatment in cancer patients, together with a multidisciplinary team including pathologist, radiologist, oncologist, surgeon, and pharmacist. HRH usually provides some advice and suggestions for better treatment plans based on the gained knowledge and experiences from visiting and participating in many conferences and meetings with top leading cancer institutions worldwide.

Chulabhorn Hospital has been established under the strong aspirations of Prof.Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn to relieve the sufferings of cancer patients through comprehensive patient-centered services, starting from cancer screening at early stage, cancer prevention and treatment by up to date and modernized technology along with cancer research for better quality of life and improved survival. As a result, many cases of cancer have been transferred from other hospitals in both Bangkok and provincial areas to receive therapy by the most up to date and modernized “TrueBeam” accelerator machine at Chulabhorn Hospital.

Apart from contributing her knowledge and attention to cancer treatment, HRH always gives moral support to patients by giving artificial flowers produced at the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre, to all patients at the IPD ward and encouraged them to be filled with strong mind for better survival. She often mentioned that her visits could be the most efficient method under “Friend to Friend Assistance” to encourage and impress all patients at the ward.

Cancer is the number one killer in Thailand with about 120,000 patients, most of which are men suffering from lung and colon cancer, and women who suffer from cervical and breast cancer.

As Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn turns 55 today, the National News Bureau of Thailand joins the Kingdom in humbly wishing HRH a happy birthday.