Prime Minister recommends hybrid buses as option for city bus services


Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has recommended the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to look into the advantages of electric and hybrid bus to see which is more appropriate to be put in service in Bangkok streets.


He says if hybrid bus is more appropriate than electric bus, the government will allow the BMTA to purchase more for use.

This was revealed by BMTA director Surachai Iamvajirasak after he brought electric bus and diesel-electric hybrid bus to Government for show and test ride to the prime minister.

The prime minister paid interest to the buses and recommended that the BMTA conduct study on the advantages of both electric bus and diesel-electric hybrid bus to see which option is more appropriate to the streets of the capital so that the government would consider allowing BMTA to purchase more for use.

Mr Surachai said the prime minister’s recommendation prompts him to review its plan to purchase of new electric buses with focus on more diesel-electric hybrid buses.

He said the BMTA has plan to purchase 200 new cool electric buses using 2.3 billion baht this fiscal year.

The plan will be reviewed to include more diesel-electric hybrid buses after the prime minister’s recommendation.