Prime Minister assures safety for Bangkokians during protest


BANGKOK, 10 January 2014 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has insisted that safety is the government’s top priority during the planned occupation of Bangkok next Monday.

The premier told the press that she expected Monday’s demonstrations to be carried out in a peaceful manner, despite reports of third-party interference on the day.

According to her, her administration is forging ahead with the February 2 general election, as it is part of a democratic process and a way towards national reform. She admitted that there has not been sufficient amount of time to set up a reform council before the election and has vowed to support the formation of the body after February 2.

Prime Minister Yingluck also commented on a rumoured military coup next week, saying that the army had earlier promised to maintain peace and to respect the rule of law. She declined to comment on her cabinet’s response to the move, however.