Prime Minister asks authorities and tourists to keep places clean


BANGKOK – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has asked members of the public to keep tourist attractions clean during the high season.

As the high season approaches, the prime minister said he had instructed all related ministries and agencies to ensure safety at various tourist sites as well as risk-prone areas such as airports, bus stations and piers.

The PM also asked members of the public to help ensure safety for tourists as well as keep their areas clean.

As for various tourist attractions, Gen Prayut said authorities must efficiently manage the volume of tourists at one time while caring for the environment and preventing littering at places such as national parks.

Restroom is another important matter, he said, adding that there must be enough clean restrooms to accommodate tourists. It will be unacceptable for a large crowd of tourists to be met with either dirty or expensive restrooms. The standards of services must be kept in line in order for the tourism industry to progress.