Preah Vihear area to be de-mined


According to the Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Army, General Tanasak Patimapakorn, The Thai-Cambodian Joint Working Group (JWG) has agreed to survey the provisional demilitarised zone (PDZ) around Preah Vihear temple and clear all landmines in the area by April of next year.

This was agreed upon at the Thai-Cambodian JWG meeting on the 18th to 19th of this month, which was co-chaired by Cambodian Deputy Defence Minister General Neang Phat and head of Thailand’s joint chiefs of staff, General Padetkarn Chansewok.

The supreme commander said that at the meeting, the two countries agreed to send teams to determine the exact locations of demarcating posts A, B, C and D of the PDZ, and to speed up the clearing of landmines in the area.

He said the work would be completed by April of next year and would also serve to complement the launch of the Asean Economic Community, as it would ensure the safety of those who want to visit the area.

General Tanasak also said the JWG had not yet discussed bringing Indonesian observers into the area, adding that the Indonesians would only be allowed to see whether the PDZ, as fixed by the International Court of Justice, was suitable or if it required alteration.