PRD officials in Satun give moral support to Thai Muslims during Ramadan fasting


SATUN, 7 July 2015  Local officials of the Government Public Relations Department (PRD) in Satun Province made a visit to Imam of Ban Ko Ta Mosque in La-ngu District to give moral support to Thai Muslims in the province, on the occasion of Ramadan fasting in July.

The visit by the PRD staff was in line with Satun’s provincial policy for officials to make regular visits to Islamic leaders, community leaders and Thai Muslims in the province. The officials also gave dates and sugar to the mosque in order to support Muslims who are joining the fasting.

On their visit, the PRD officials the Satun Governor’s good wish for Thai Muslims nationwide. He blessed them to be patient and cheerful during the Ramadan month so that they could succeed in being a complete Muslim.

The Imam of Ban Ko Ta Mosque said that he was impressed with the officials’ attention and their help to bring problems of local residents to high-ranking officials of the province.

He described Ban Ko Ta as an area with peace and order where local people have unity and integrity and children are obedient to parents. They regularly attend activities held in their area in unison.