Possible archaeological site unearthed in Lampang


LAMPANG, Aug 21 – Authorities in Thailand’s northern province of Lampang have sealed off both banks of the Mae Tui River in a village after an excavation accidentally found layers of old bricks that looked like an ancient pagoda on a riverbank.

Lampang Deputy Governor Suwan Klaosunthorn said the operator of a backhoe loader was digging in the river and fixing the riverbanks in Sop Kong village when he came across layers of bricks attached to one side of the bank.

The Mae Tui River branches out of the Wang River, the major river running through Lampang.

Academics from the Ministry of Culture and the Fine Arts Department earlier carried out a preliminary survey and said the layers of bricks could be a kiln at least 400 years old. They said a thorough inspection would be needed.

The deputy governor has ordered local authorities to guard the site to prevent people from damaging it and stealing art objects which might be found at the site.