Portuguese man-of-war spotted off three Phuket beaches


Portuguese man-of-war spotted off three Phuket beaches

The sea off Nai Yang, Nai Thorn and Layan beaches in Phuket has been declared off-limits to swimmers by the Sirinart national park after Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish-like creatures have been spotted.

The creature has often been mistaken as a jellyfish. But it is siphonophore which is very poisonous. A sting by this creature causes extreme pain for the victim.

Meanwhile in the neighbouring province of Krabi, the Tharnboke Khorani national park has closed off a waterfall in Ao Loek district for the safety of visitors following heavy rains.

Officials said that the water level at the waterfall has risen steadily and the water has turned brownish, making it unsafe to swim or frolic in the waterfall.

In Phra Saeng district of Surat Thani, water in Klong E-pan has burst its banks and starting to flood communities along the klong.

Several villagers have started moving their valuables to higher ground to avoid them from being damaged by flood water.