Poll: Thais want better living standards


Bangkok – Dusit Poll reports that Thai people want better standards of living after the election.

A recent survey conducted by Suan Dusit University of 58,572 people between January 1 and February 9, 2019, showed that the majority of eligible voters back policies that would lift their wellbeing.

Up to 30.24% of male respondents said they would support parties with policies that promote employment and income generation, and 30.91% of female respondents said they would support similar policies, along with policies to boost economic growth, trade, investment, and agricultural prices.

29.15% of respondents aged between 18 and 20 said they would vote for MP candidates who promised to improve the Thai education system, while 28.47% of people who were 50 years and older said they would vote for candidates who promised to raise employment wages and salaries.