Poll: People have less confidence in Govt, plead for peace


BANGKOK, 10 November 2013 An ABAC Poll finds that people’s confidence in the government decreases. They believe a coup d’?tat is not a solution to the political deadlock and call on peace for the country. 

The poll, conducted by Assumption University from 4-9 November 2013, shows a majority of people or 72% have less confidence in the government and 70% do not believe that a coup d’?tat will help solve political problems. 77% say they are glad to see people gather to express their disagreement with the amnesty bill since the demonstrations reflect unity among Thais. 23% of the respondents say they are indifferent to the demonstrations as they believe people are jumping on the bandwagon.

In addition, 89% say they want Thailand to be peaceful and want to see all sectors join hands in tackling political problems. 11% of the respondents say they want the protesters to continue fighting. On democracy, 84% say they still believe democracy can pull Thailand out of the political crisis despite bad politicians. 87% say they want all politicians to adhere to the democratic process for the development of the country.