Govt-led Pheu Thai rules out dissolution of parliament


BANGKOK, 10 November 2013 The government-led Pheu Thai party denies the rumors that its strategic committee has signaled a dissolution of parliament, saying it is not a solution for the country. 

Pheu Thai Spoksman Phronphong Nopparit on Sunday said the party’s strategic committee did not suggest that the prime minister dissolve Parliament in the hope to end the ongoing protests against the blanket amnesty bill. He confirmed the committee did not meet on 9 November 2013 when the party invited leaders of the four coalition parties to sign a ratification to drop the bill.

The party had asked the government about the rumor and it confirmed there would be no House dissolution, Mr Phromphong said. The administration said a general election cost billions of baht and it had just over a year left in office.