Police warn party followers to obey law


BANGKOK – On 21st February, the Constitutional Court will read its verdict on whether to dissolve the Future Forward Party, after which some people expect violence may occur should the party be dissolved. A police spokesman says however, that there is no indication of any concerning movements, and has asked party followers to obey the law.

The Royal Thai Police Deputy Spokesman Pol Col Kritsana Pattanacharoen said that the police have not intercepted any intel which might indicate looming violence by a third party or party followers.

He said the police chief has ordered his deputy Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyotsuk to handle the situation, while asking party followers who will be coming to show support, to stay within the limits of law.

The police have prepared two groups of personnel, the first facilitating the general public and commuters in the area, and the second unit undertaking regular operations. The police will be on site to maintain peace should the area become crowded with people coming to wait for the verdict.

On online movements related to this case and comments about it, the police deputy spokesman said police officers are monitoring the situation, with general posts and comments so far showing diverse opinions, with no messages inciting violence being found.