Police use their loaf in grocery shop drug bust


Police held a sting operation at a grocery shop in Moo.4 Takian Tia sub-district to purchase a methamphetamine tablet from a 46 year old Thai woman named Walapa Pahusuwano, she secreted the pill in a donut and handed it to the undercover officer, the police identified themselves and then found another 103 tablets hidden in a pillow

Walapa said she had been receiving packs of 100 pills from 46 year old Prasit Ngamkham which she sold to her regular clients.

Under the drug suppression bill police were able to seize her car and newly finished one-storey townhouse.

The yaba was hidden inside a doughnutThe yaba was hidden inside a doughnut

The police said that Walapa had been dealing successfully for a long time and that this had made her wealthy enough to own the car and build the property

Police said her that her days of making money from drugs were at an end and that they would soon arrest her suppliers.

Police use their loaf in grocery shop drug bust