Police to quickly search for culprits behind the attack on Criminal Court


BANGKOK, 17 Feb 2014 The Metropolitan Police Bureau stated it is working around the clock to find those behind the Valentine’s Day attack on the Criminal Court, expecting to identify the bullet trajectory within 2 weeks’ time. 

The Superintendant of the Phahonyothin Police Station made an announcement regarding the M79 attack on the Criminal Court last Friday, saying that crime scene investigators were examining the Close Circuit TV (CCTV) footages taken from both government and private buildings situated near the Criminal Court.

Earlier the team checked the court’s CCTV, but found the cameras failed to catch a glimpse of the culprits. Currently a squad has been assigned to seek additional evidence and witnesses, the police said, adding that even though they were able to recognize the weapon used in the attack, they would need at least another 2 weeks to determine the bullet trajectory and eventually the attackers.

Initial investigations revealed that the assault was carried out in the evening of February 14th by an unknown number of attackers presumably located in one of the buildings opposite the Criminal Court on Ratchada Road. The attack resulted in the breaking of 2 windows and minor damages at the 7th floor of the court.

There were no casualties in the attack.