Police speed up probe over Victory Monument attacks


BANGKOK, 21 January 2014  Police are speeding up an investigation into grenade and gun attacks at Victory Monument, which injured a total of 28 people. 

A hand grenade was thrown into the rally crowd at the site on Sunday afternoon. The attack is followed by shots being fired at protesters on Tuesday morning.

Footage from closed-circuit cameras around the roundabout are being inspected but so far police have been unable to determine the identity of the attackers involved in both incidents. Members of the public who hold vital information regarding the attacks have been urged to contact the authorities.

A woman has been arrested in connection with Tuesday’s shooting. She was detained by the People Democratic Reform Committee guard while trying to flee the scene. Her accomplices managed to escape.

The woman confessed that she had been hired by an influential figure in Kanchaburi to deliver a car to Bangkok. Two men picked up the car in Saphankwai before asking her to drive her to Victory Monument. She confirmed that she was not acquainted with the men beforehand and was not armed at the time of the attack.

Security measures at the rally site have been tightened following a string of attacks. 20 more police officers have been dispatched to the site to ensure safety for protesters.