Police remind people not to violate laws on fireworks during Loi Krathong


BANGKOK, 14 November 2013 The national police office asserted it will be tough on sales and usage of fireworks during the Loi Krathong festival. 

Royal Thai Police spokesman Piya Uthayo said on Wednesday the police were concerned about the use of fireworks during the festive period, and it would like to remind sellers and makers of fireworks they need to have permits from the Ministry of Interior to do so. Those operating without permits are subject to 1 month imprisonment, a maximum of 1,000 baht fine, or both.

People who use fireworks or firecrackers in manners that cause damage to public or personal properties will be subject to a maximum prison term of 7 years and a maximum fine of 14,000 baht. Parents of child offenders will also charged.