Police promote Songkran holiday house patrol program


Bangkok – During the Songkran holidays, travellers can still register their house with the police as part of the safety patrol campaign preventing thieves striking when owners are away. The deputy commissioner-general of the police force has urged all officers nationwide to give maximum facilitation to ensuring the confidence of the general public.

A parade promoting the Royal Thai Police’s Pracharat Songkran house safety program for 2019, or “Leave Houses with the Police” campaign, was arranged in Bangkok this week and led by Deputy Commissioner General Pol Gen Chaloemkiat Siworakhan, along with police officers from Thong Lor Police Station, who visited the house of actress Mai Charoenpura who herself registered her house in Soi Thonglor to ensure regular safety patrols by the police in this program, while actor Champ Chanatip also joined the rally promoting the campaign to the general public.

Pol Gen Chaloemkiat has urged officers at the Metropolitan Police and Provincial Police 1-9 to provide maximum security protection to enrolled house owners, and to work with neighbours to help inform the authorities of any suspicious activities in the neighbourhood. It is expected some 8,000 houses will be enrolled in this year’s campaign.

He said “There have been some 7-8,000 houses enrolled in the previous year’s campaign. We have urged officials to encourage house owners travelling to their hometowns or on a trip away, to join the campaign. We expect to protect the same number of houses this year, no fewer.”

The general public is encouraged to install the Police I Lert U mobile application which allows users to report emergency cases and request assistance immediately by sending personal information, photos, incident time, and location directly to the police’s 24-hour response team who will immediately dispatch responsible officers to the incident site. House owners interested in the patrol program can enroll at any police station nationwide.