Police Informer gunned down


At half past midnight on the 2nd October police received a call from Laem Chabang International Hospital that a man had been admitted with a gunshot to his chest however the doctors were unable to save him

The police along with the Sawang Boriboon Foundation went to retrieve the body for autopsy and the 38 year dead man was identified as Prasert Rangsikul known as Ae.

The spy’s body is prepared for his funeral.

The police were able to get a statement from some young men who stated that they were chatting with K Ae when a man on a motorbike shouted out Ae’s name and fired 3 bullets at him with one hitting him directly in the chest.

No description of the assailant was available as he was wearing a full face helmet.

Pol. Capt. Nitiphoom made a statement to the press saying that Ae did not have a permanent job but would occasionally spy on behalf of the police and they believe the killer was either involved in the drug trade or had been hired to kill K Ae.