Police found to have requested ‘Ang Pow’ from people will be prosecuted


BANGKOK, 12 February 2013 Deputy Prime Minister Police Captain Chalerm Yubamrung said any police officers found to have extorted money from people during the Chinese New Year will be prosecuted to the full extent of law. 

Following the report of dodgy police, the Deputy Prime Minister said giving ‘Ang Pow’, or a red envelop which usually contains cash, to officers during the Chinese New Year is not considered a form of bribery, as it is a common gesture during the Chinese festive season.

However, he said, it would be extremely inappropriate and unlawful for police to ask for the ‘red envelop’.

Any policemen caught soliciting money by way of ‘Ang Pow’ will be punished by law. According to Police Captain Chalerm, he is confident that in spite of the report, no police commander has asked for money; however, some people might have used their names to trick ordinary people into giving the money.

The Deputy Prime Minister further reiterated that only few police officers have been involved in the unlawful act, and the number does not represent the entire police force.

Meanwhile, regarding the re-imposition of the curfew in the restive South, Police Captain Chalerm said it would be concluded on February 15th, 2013. He would also disagree with the curfew re-imposition if residents found it difficult living their daily lives with the curfew in force, he added.