Police arrested father of 8-year old victim of rape


A man who allegedly force-fed his own 8-year old daughter with boiled krathom water mixed with methamphetamine before raping her has been arrested by police in Trang province.

Police hold the press conference at the headquarter of the 9th region provincial police bureau on Tuesday. The suspect allegedly confessed to the police that he was under the influence of methamphetamine or ya baa when he committed the offences against his own daughter who later died at a hospital in Trang province for overdose.

Pol Lt-Gen Veerapong Choenpakdee, commissioner of 9th region provincial police, said police had substantial forensic evidences against the victim’s father which led to his arrest. The suspect tried to commit suicide while being detained at the police station but police managed to intervene and save his life.

Earlier, police arrested the victim’s neighbor under suspicion of involvement in the murder of the 8-year old girl.