Bank driver admits robbing bank to take revenge on manager


The driver of the manager of the Bangkok Bank in Cha-am district which was robbed of over 10 million baht in cash on May 9 has been arrested for allegedly robbing the bank.

The suspect, Mr Wichukorn Sudthanom, was presented before the media on Tuesday in the presence of the national police chief, Pol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda and several senior police officers.

Pol Gen Chakthip told the media that after the bank heist on the night of May 9, police questioned several Bangkok Bank staffers in Cha-am district who made observations about some staff members who appeared suspicious.

He said that police took the images of the suspicious staffers to compare with the suspected robber who was shown in the bank’s CCTV system. Further checks with backgrounds of the staffers and their cars, police managed to narrow down the list to Wichukorn, the driver of the bank manager, and an arrest warrant was sought with the Petchaburi provincial court, he added.

Wichukorn allegedly admitted he robbed the bank not after money but to take revenge on the bank manager for planning to sack him. He claimed that he first wanted to kill the manager but changed his mind to rob the bank instead because, by so doing, the manager would be held accountable and might be fired.