Poinsettia Festival Set to Start on Phu Ruea Mountain


LOEI, Nov 28  – The 8th Poinsettia Festival is set to start at the Phu Ruea national park in Loei province during winter, normally drawing tourists to mountains in the upper part of the country.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Loei province jointly organize the festival on the five-rai plot of land, decorated with the windmill.

Phu Ruea mountain, located about 1,300 metres above the sea level is an well-known attraction for the scenic view of the sea of fog during winter months.

Sophon Suwannarat, Loei deputy governor said the festival will kick off on Nov 30 and run until Jan 31. More than 20,000 Poinsettia plants with green foliage and red flowers were grown at the entrance of the national park amid the cool weather in winter.

Phu Ruea district is the country’s largest Poinsettia plantation.

The festival is organized to promote the economic plant and tourism in order to generate income for locals.

Visitors can also enjoy a floral tunnel, decorated with Christmas lights as well as food and souvenir shops there.