PM’s Office: “Asia-Pacific Water Summit helps attract foreign knowhow to help Thailand”


CHIANG MAI, 26 May 2013 The Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office has stated that Thailand’s hosting of the Asia-Pacific Water Summit has succeeded in attracting foreign knowhow and expertise to help it better manage water resources. 

Secretary to Prime Minister’s Office Wim Rungwattanachinda revealed on Sunday that the 7-day-long 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit, which took place in Chiang Mai, saw the participation of leaders and experts from more than 40 countries to discuss all water-related problems, from flood to drought, and to share their experiences in post-disaster measures.

At the end, all participating nations agreed with the Chiang Mai Declaration, which calls for commitment and pledges to promote water security and to stand against future water crisis.

Mr. Wim added that Thailand has also been successful in inviting countries with experiences in water management to help in the government’s water resources planning and flood prevention initiative, which is now well on its way to execution but still lacks technological assistance from other countries.