PM Yingluck urges more focus on local wisdom towards ASEAN Community


BANGKOK, 9 August 2012  – The Prime Minister has urged the country to prop up the introduction of more local wisdom as a means to drive Thailand towards the emergence of the ASEAN Community. 

PM Yingluck said on Wednesday that Thailand has continued to prepare itself economically for a more liberal ASEAN, scheduled in 2015.

The PM’s assertion was heard during her chairing of the official opening of the international seminar titled “the Upgrade of the Quality of Life and Local Wisdom within ASEAN”, held in Chiang Mai Province.

The Prime Minister stated that, for Thailand to enter the ASEAN Community, the country needs to prompt itself in the areas of politics and stability, economics, as well as social and cultural affairs.

Therefore, she stressed that more should be done to strengthen and develop the society and the culture as well as local wisdom, which is unique and main income sources of all communities.

Ms. Yingluck went on to say that the elevation of local wisdom into something more tangible will benefit the Thai economy at both community and national levels greatly.