PM Yingluck: Government will fairly compensate flood victims


BANGKOK, 31 May 2012  – The prime minister has come out to assure the public that the government has been making fair compensation to those hit hard by last year’s severe flooding. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, on Wednesday, chaired the closing ceremony of the drainage and sewerage improvement project in Bangkok and nearby provinces, which has been completed earlier than scheduled.

The PM stated that the government’s preparation for this year’s rainfall has been 50% completed in upstream areas and all related ministers will be instructed to work with concerned provincial governors to speed up the works.

At the same time, planned projects in downstream areas have achieved about 80%, according to the Premier.

When asked about reported conflicts in the payout of flood compensation, the prime minister said that the government has instructed relevant agencies and provincial governors to rectify any problems and speedily extend the much-needed help to flood-hit residents.

She went on to say that, despite complaints over discrepancies in the compensation amounts, a soon-to-be-set-up new central committee will able to assure that all payouts will be fairly and accurately distributed.