PM urges Cabinet to uphold honesty, national interest


BANGKOK, 9 September 2014 – Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has reiterated to Cabinet ministers their obligations to conduct their duties righteously and have the national interest at heart.

During the first Cabinet meeting today, Gen Prayuth remarked that it was an auspicious day for all the ministers to come together with a goal to drive the country forward. He placed an emphasis on the Cabinet’s participation in promoting 12 moral values in Thai society which were announced earlier by the National Council for Peace and Order.

The Prime Minister called on the ministers to adhere to their oath, recently taken in front of His Majesty the King, to serve the country with honesty and transparency and to put the national interest before their own.

The meeting today was mainly aimed to look over each ministry’s policies in preparation for Gen Prayuth’s delivery of policy statement to the National Legislative Assembly this Friday. The premier also asked that each ministry’s budget be spent in a careful and efficient manner.