PM suggests enhancement of farmers’ markets


BANGKOK, 13 April 2015 (NNT)

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has recommended related officials to further

develop farmers’ markets in a bid to assist Thai farmers amidst economic uncertainty.

According to Government Spokesperson Dr Yongyuth Mayalarp, Prime Minister

Prayut remains deeply concerned with the well-being of Thai agriculturists. He has

thus instructed officials previously involved in the setting up of farmers’ markets

nationwide to seek ways to further promote and raise the standard of such markets.

The premier reportedly suggested the holding of contests for farmers’ markets in

various aspects, such as sanitation, management and product diversity. Business

matching activities are also to be arranged with an aim to facilitate the establishment

of networks of farmers and OTOP producers.

In addition, there are plans to promote the farmers’ market in each district or province

into a new local tourist attraction. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will lend its

help in improving the markets and ensuring their readiness to welcome tourists.

The Prime Minister stressed to market supervisors that it is crucial to strictly regulate

vendors who are allowed to operate in the farmers’ markets, saying they must be

registered farmers and not middlemen in disguise. The prohibition of middlemen

would enable the farmers to deal with consumers directly and, in turn, increase their