PM seeks to release water into sea through parts of Bangkok


BANGKOK, Oct 20 – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Thursday conceded that the government is now seeking to release a bulk of floodwaters into the sea through areas which will have a minimum impact on the citizen.

The premier made her remarks on the water management as floodwaters surrounded the Thai capital and overflowed Klong Prapa, Bangkok’s main source of tap water.

Ms Yingluck said sluice gates have been opened to solve the problem which is now under control, while urging the public to remain vigilant.

Regarding the flow of huge amounts of floodwater from the North, the premier said the government must find routes to release the water. She said the more height added to the temporary flood prevention dykes, the higher the flood level overall.

The premier noted she is now considering which areas will produce the least impact on the population if water is allowed to pass through the city.

When asked to assess the amount of flooding in Bangkok, Ms Yingluck said the operations will be called “releasing the water into the sea” in appropriate amounts which drainage channels can handle. She explained that she has already instructed Bangkok’s Department of Drainage and Sewerage to speed up draining water through the capital.

The premier called on the public to closely monitor the situation, especially those who live near Klong Prapa.

The premier noted that all existing dams and “monkey cheeks”,  (excavated water detention works) are insufficient to hold huge amounts of water, so the authorities now must drain floodwater via the western and eastern parts of Bangkok as much as possible.