PM satisfed with flood response plan


BANGKOK, Sept 15 — Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Saturday expressed satisfaction with her government’s flood response plan after flood hit Sukhothai returned to normal in three days.

Speaking her weekly TV programme “The Yingluck Government Meets the People”, live from Krabi, the prime minister said she inspected the flood situation in Sukhothai and Phitsanulok earlier this week and found that the situation in Sukhothai was severely beyond the ability of the local authorities to handle.

The Interior Ministry extended assistance to support the work of the local authorities and plans were adjusted to respond more effectively and the situation could return to normal in three days, she said.

The premier asserted that the government’s water and flood management in Bangkok and the provinces could effectively drain the water. However, if there was rain, the water could overflow and clog the drainage systems, but the situation could return to normal within days.

Ms Yingluck said he was satisfied with this year’s flood response plan, compared to last year’s response. She said the public could follow news on the government website and social media such as smart phones.

She stressed that all provinces were instructed to prepare flood response plans and systematic water management plans.