PM regrets upsetting foreigners with comments on Brits’ murder


BANGKOK, 18 September 2014  – Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has apologized for his criticism of foreigners’ beach attire made during his recent address on the murder of British tourists on the island of Koh Tao, insisting no insult was meant. 

After his previous remarks citing foreigners’ wearing of bikinis on the beach as a possible cause of crimes similar to the recent slaying of two British visitors to Koh Tao, Gen Prayuth said he would like to offer his apology to anyone who might have been disturbed by his words. He affirmed he had never intended to insult foreigners but was only trying to encourage them to give more importance to their own safety during their visit by refraining from dressing provocatively.

Regarding the murder case, the premier said he had instructed the Ministry of Interior and the police to join forces in identifying and pursuing the person who killed the two Britons while tightening security measures for tourists. With stringent checks on everyone traveling to and from Koh Tao, he believed the authorities would be able to capture the culprit.

Gen Prayuth has already contacted the British Embassy in Thailand to express condolences for the tragic incident and give assurances that the safety of travelers is the nation’s top priority.