PM Prayut urges youths to help build up nation


BANGKOK – Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha has urged youngsters to apply HM the King’s sufficiency philosophy to their lives in order to build up the nation. 

During remarks for the documentary contest in honor of Their Majesties the King and Queen, Gen Prayut touched on several principles he believes would enable youths to help build up the nation. He stressed the importance of discretion, that the new generation carefully considers information from different sources to avoid being influenced by misleading groups.

The premier also advised youngsters to try adapting HM the King’s philosophy to different facets of their lives, to ensure sustainable well-being. According to Gen Prayut, the sufficiency philosophy encourages followers to be independent and realize their worth and needs, thus helping them decide on their own future.

With that philosophy in mind, youngsters need not adhere to the same goal of obtaining an academic degree. They may make other choices that suit their interests and enable them to earn a living without hindering the well-being of others. Gen Prayut explained that youngsters can be the driving force behind the country’s development, if their choices are also based on society’s needs.

The premier also allayed public concern over the future of the country. He affirmed that a general election would be held in the next 18 months, provided that efforts to strengthen the justice system by different bodies proceed as planned.