PM Prayut urges New Year travelers not to drink and drive


BANGKOK – Before attending a meeting of cabinet ministers on Tuesday (Dec 24), the Prime Minister observed activities organized by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to improve people’s quality of life, such as a monthly allowance of 600 baht for each newborn and an affordable property rental scheme. The Prime Minister then presented gift baskets to mothers, and said looking after all groups of people is not easy but it has to be done. He then donned an apron and cooked stir-fried noodles with prawns to promote the Thailand Street Food Festival 2020.

The Prime Minister also viewed an activity to promote the use of diesel B10 to support palm oil farmers. He said the government supports the idea of using alternative fuels made from crops, but everyone has to put in some effort as well. The government is encouraging people to use public transport, such as the electric train system, in a bid to reduce the volume of PM2.5, or fine dust particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in the atmosphere. Gen. Prayut also asked the media to portray various efforts and achievements of the government, such as the income guarantee scheme for oil palm growers, many of whom are satisfied with the measure.

The Prime Minister also promoted the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s (ThaiHealth) campaign against drink-driving. He said officials will facilitate travelers’ journeys and ensure their safety as much as possible during the New Year holiday period. He also urged the people to pay attention to safety issues, respect traffic laws and think of their families and others. He also watched students singing a rap song and perform a beatbox routine to promote road safety.

The Prime Minister said young members of the public shouldn’t be misled by provocative information, and added that he has no personal issues with anyone. Gen. Prayut then joined a group photo session with Islamic members of ThaiHealth, and said people of different faiths can coexist peacefully