PM inspects flood situation in Udon Thani


UDON THANI, Aug 29 — Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Monday stayed on in this northeastern province to inspect the flood situation after following up operations of the newly formed flood relief centre under the “Bangrakam Model” project in the northern province of Phitsanulok on Sunday.

Ms Yingluck is scheduled to visit the flood diversion ditch in the Udon Thani municipality in provincial seat. She will leave for Bangkok in the afternoon.

The prime minister arrived here Sunday afternoon and chaired a meeting with local officials on local flood prevention measures.

Udon Thani Provicial Administrative Oganization President Hanchai Teekatananon reported to the premier that the water management plan in the province was carried out properly and effectively provided short term flood alleviation.

However, Mr Hanchai proposed a longer term flood management plan focused on controlling the volume of water entering the municipality, with more water pumps installed to drain water to the Mekong River via Nong Khai’s Phon Phisai district.

Ms Yingluck praised what she called the ‘Udon Thani Model’ to effectively respond to flooding problems, but she said further study should be done on the proposal to build a permanent pumping station at Huai Luang as it may affect other provinces such as Nong Khai.

The premier said that the province should consult with the Royal Irrigation Department on its plans to build an additional reservoir to retain water during floods to be dispersed during the dry season.

On Sunday, Ms Yingluck visited Phitsanulok to inspect progress of the “Bangrakam Model’.

The pilot project has a command or operational centre being set up by the Interior Ministry to deal with flooding in the area through integrated operations of all concerned agencies. The project is expected to be the model for solving flooding countrywide.