PM: Government has clear water management plan


BANGKOK, Jan 29 – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Sunday reaffirmed that her government has clear water management plans and is ready to handle the upcoming rainy season.

The premier made remarks following the comments of Smith Dharmasaroja, natural disaster expert and a member of Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management, saying that the government still had no clear plan dealing water resources.

Ms Yingluck rebutted that water management is a major issue which needed to be carefully conducted and that she has instructed concerned agencies to work on it.

The premier reiterated the existence of the plan but noted that it may not be quick enough to respond to committee members who are also worried about the situation and concerned parties needed to understand each other.

Ms Yingluck insisted that the government is well prepared and has a sound flood prevention plan for the upcoming rainy season.

“Though the plan did not go into detail for everything, it can be clarified,” said the premier. “Now everyone is working on it as this issue is a prominent one on the national agenda which required cooperation. Many parties also need to adjust their working methods and translate academic principles into practical methods within the available timeframe.”

Thailand encountered its worst flooding in decades during the second half of 2011, affecting over sixty provinces and claiming a flood-related death toll of 813. Seven industrial estates were also submerged under floodwaters, forcing the suspension of production in many industries. The situation has now returned normal and the country is now continuing with the rehabilitation process.