PM Chairs anti-corruption report


BANGKOK, 13 July 2015 – Gen Anantaporn Kanchanarat, Chairman of the committee on the inspection of budget disbursements by the state, has delivered a committee report before the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha who stressed the importance of a comprehensive and long-term commitment to combat corruption.

Gen Anantaporn reported that his agency will expedite the process of examining civil servants accused of corruption, in order for necessary reshuffling or acquittals be carried out.

In the meeting, the Public Anti-Corruption Center (PACC) proposed methods of raising the standards of enforcement by tasking the head of the associated bureau to investigate any corruption accusations within its management as reported by the PACC. Should the head of the bureau fail to investigate, the PACC would call on the Prime Minister to take action.

The Electronic Government Authority has been tasked with publicizing information on government projects to the public via its website to help create transparency.

The Prime Minister also proposed that ethics should be included as a subject in the school curriculum.