PM attends science fair in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 18 Dec 2014,  Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has emphasized the importance of scientific and technology development and the creation of new innovation as a national strategy aimed at increasing the country’s competitiveness in the modern world.

The comment was made during the opening ceremony of the science fair dubbed, ‘Return Happiness to the Youth’, now underway at the Planetarium in Bangkok until January 10th

Aside from being one of the government’s many New Year gifts for the public, the admission-free event serves as an initial step toward the nation’s integration of science, technology and innovation.

According to the Prime Minister, the country is in need of technological advancement in order to strengthen its global competitiveness, adding that he has discussed with the Ministries of Education and Science & Technology about offering more science and technology courses in school.

The nation must lay down strategies involving the development of science, technology and innovation, in order to generate a new generation of experts in such areas and induce them to work in the nation’s education system, General Prayut said.


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