Plea from family to aid their baby boy


The family of a baby boy called Nong Kaan, have appealed to the media to let people know about the plight of their son.

Nong Kaan is only 2 years and 7 months old and was born with hydrocephalus also known as ‘water on the brain’ the result being that his head is much bigger than his body.

He lives in a cramped house in sattahip with his family and due to his condition cannot be taken outside of the home.

His general physical health is strong except for excruciating headaches which cause cramps over his entire body.

The committee of Kungkachart in Sattahip and donated 1,600 baht and a further 1600 baht was raised by the red cross in Sattahip, however this poor young defenseless boy urgently requires serious medical attention.

If you can help in anyway please contact the boys father Mr. Pramod Oumprasert on 086-8381815