Phuket ready for Vegetarian Festival Oct 17-25

Phuket starts decorating shrines, roads and streets with yellow flags, to welcome the Vegetarian Festival that is being held from 17th to 25th of October.

It’s that time of the year when a festival to celebrate vegetarianism takes place in Phuket. People there have set about cleaning shrines to welcome the most anticipated festival of the province.

Though the rain has been pouring down, the committee of the JuiTui Shrine in Phuket, villagers, the private sector, and municipal officers still cleaned up the shrine including the floors, areas around the shrine, incense pots, vases, candle holders, and polished items made of metal in order to welcome one of the largest and most important festivals in the province.

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Kitchenware such as plates, silverware, glasses, and other items that are used to serve free meals in the shrine’s almshouse during the festival, were also well cleaned.

Meanwhile, in the Phuket municipality area, municipal officers and worshippers from shrines decorated the roads and streets with yellow flags, as a signal that the Vegetarian Festival is being held from 17th to 25th of October.

During the festival, the local authorities require attendees to wear face masks at all times, and follow the disease control measures, while enjoying the big occasion. (NNT)