Pheu Thai still leads Democrats in new poll


BANGKOK, 10 June 2011 – Popularity of the Pheu Thai Party is ahead of the Democrat Party in many constituencies in Bangkok, according to the second survey jointly conducted by the Research Centre of Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) and the Nation Group. 

The survey was launched from 3 to 6 June 2011 with 8,616 respondents with eligibility to vote in 33 constituencies in Bangkok. The respondents were questioned which parties they will vote for and reasons for their decisions.

Based on the survey result, Pheu Thai Party candidates were leading the Democrat counterparts in 18 constituencies, down by one constituency, while Democrat runners were gaining more supporters in six districts. The two parties remained neck and neck in the race in nine other districts.

In terms of party’s popularity, Pheu Thai won 47% of the voices while the Democrat Party took 39%. Other parties shared a popularity of 14%. It was found that the Democrat Party lost its popularity in Bangkok to the Rak Santi and Rak Prathet Thai Parties in some areas.

86% of the respondents said they will go to vote while 9% were unsure. 5% said they will not go to the polls. 55% already have a favorite party in mind to vote for and will stand firm with the decision while 9% already making their choice admitted that the decision might change. 32% remain undecided while 5% will ‘vote no’.

The percentage of the respondents who had decided but might change their mind reduced from 16% to 9% in this second survey. In general, the Pheu Thai Party is still taking the lead; however, the proportion of people who remain undecided is still high, which opens chances for both political parties to win.