Pheu Thai calls on all sides to back election


BANGKOK, 29 April 2014 – The Pheu Thai Party has urged all political sides to refrain from violence, and instead, seek solutions through an election.

The party representatives, Pheu Thai Secretary-General Phumtham Wechayachai and Pheu Thai strategist Pokin Polakul made an official announcement, calling on the Election Commission (EC) and the government to hurriedly schedule an exact date for the pending general election. The announcement followed a meeting of political parties during which most of the parties agreed that the only peaceful solution to the current conflict was through an election.

Mr. Phumtham added that the Pheu Thai Party would like to see a royal decree brought forward in order to set a clear direction for the country as well as to minimize violence.

He also called on all parties to participate in the election regardless of their political standpoint, adding that the longer Thailand is without a government, the more damage is done to the country.