Deep South officials on guard during anniversary of Krue Se Mosque incident


YALA, 29 April 2014 – Officials in the southern border provinces are still on high alert around the clock as the 10 years anniversary of the Krue Se Mosque incident rolls past. 

Yala Provincial Police Commander Songkiat Wathakun ordered thorough monitoring and search for suspected vehicles passing through road checkpoints in each district; he also ordered his subordinates to be ready to work around the clock. Security officials were keeping watchful eyes against all types of ambushes, and rapid response units were also readied for tackling violent incidents that might occur on April 28, the 10th anniversary of the Krue Se incident.

In Songkhla, security guards posted at hotels and department stores have intensified searches for suspected vehicles, to prevent any car bomb attempts. Photographs of around 10 cars reported stolen which could potentially be used as car bombs have also been posted at security checkpoints.