Phayathai communities rail against high rises


Bangkok – Residents of eight communities in Bangkok’s Phayathai area have called on their district office to address the issue of high rise buildings being constructed without consultations in a public forum.

Representative of the Phayathai Conservation Association, Norarit Komarachun, accompanied by 10 other individuals made a complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman. They are asking that the body inspect the work of Phayathai District Office for negligence, after several high rise buildings were erected in the area, impacting the quality of life of residents and likely violating the law.

Norarit remarked that Bangkok’s permission for commercial buildings in Phayathai area was made without consideration to the actual conditions and that the high rises have resulted in a slew of problems impacting residents. He accused local authorities of not seeking public opinion before moving forward with some projects.

One resident explained that her home had to be completely rebuilt after the construction of a nearby condominium resulted in structural damage to her house estimated at 30 million baht.

The community members are asking that all commercial building projects at present underway in the district be halted.