Petty officer killed, two seamen, one soldier wounded in Narathiwat bombings


NARATHIWAT, Jan 30 – One Thai Navy non-commissioned officer was killed, two seamen and one soldier were wounded in two separate bombings in this violence plagued province.

The first incident occurred in the provincial seat when the naval personnel were on routine patrol duty for teacher protection in a pickup truck in the provincial seat escorting teachers as they traveled to school.

Driver Suthep Mokklaimun, a chief petty officer, was killed and two seamen were severely wounded. The bomb, buried underground and remotely triggered, wrecked the vehicle.

In Cho AI Rong district, an army ranger volunteer was wounded in a school bombing at a school  believed to be the work of insurgents. The victim was taken hospital for treatment.

A third bombing, in Chanae district, involved six Army Rangers on routine patrol providing security for teachers going to school, but the men were unscathed as the remotely triggered bomb exploded in the opposite direction into a wooded area.