People in South affected by flood


SATUN, Oct 6 — Residents in several southern provinces have been affected by flooding, while temperatures in the North started to drop.

Rainfall for three consecutive days triggered flooding in Satun, with the hardest-hit being Thapae district. 

Over 300 households have been affected. Flood victims moved their belongings and pets to higher ground. Roads are impassable. In the provincial seat, canals overflowed their banks, inundating low-lying areas.

In Phathalung, heavy rain triggered floods in five districts including the provincial seat.  The governor issued a warning to locals to beware of flash floods and mudslides. Rescue workers have been dispatched to disaster-prone areas to monitor the situation around the clock.

Meanwhile in the northern part of the country, the temperature on mountaintops in Nan is around 17-18 degrees Celsius. Travelers are advised to be cautious due to heavy fog and low visibility.

Local residents in remote areas requested winter clothes from agencies concerned.

In the northeastern province of Bung Kan, the morning temperature was recorded at 24 degrees Celsius. Fog over the Mekong River hindered traveling by boat.