PEA: tap water is clean for household use


BANGKOK, 21 October 2011 -The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PEA) has revealed that due to the severity of the floods, the production and distribution systems of the PEA in Sing Buri and Ayutthaya provinces have been damaged.

According to the PEA, the deluge had earlier hampered the systems in many parts including the pumping and water purifying systems just to name a few. This information has been reported to the Flood Relief Operations Center in which the PEA added later than the water system has now been restored to its full capacity.

The PEA assured the residents of Sing Buri and Ayutthaya that the quality of tap water is now being monitored and certain chemicals have been added to make sure it is clean for household use. PEA Director Mr Wiset Chamnanwong has publicly apologized for the delay in fixing the problems for those who were affected by the lack of tap water; however, he added that due to a high number of callers; including those asking for general information and those asking for help, it had taken the PEA some time to respond to every need.