PDRC victims of M-79 grenade attacks receive one-million baht compensation


BANGKOK, 16 May 2014  – Gunmen have opened fire and launched M-79 grenades against anti-government protestors on May 15th at the Democracy Monument, killing a few and wounding several others.

Following these attacks, the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban has provided compensation to the victims’ families. Those who were dead or severely maimed from the attacks would receive one million baht and those who became physically impaired would receive 300,000 baht each.

Mr. Suthep expressed that the Senate should be the only governing body responsible for designating a neutral prime minister and a Cabinet. He stressed that the new government should not have any political affiliations, especially with the Pheu Thai Party so that a reformation can take shape.

The PDRC secretary-general said that he would be backing the Senate all the way through but would not intervene in their decisions in choosing a prime minister. However, if the Senate does not perform its duty properly then the PDRC would stage another mass protest.