PDC & Traffic Police jointly train vehicle inspectors


Bangkok – The Pollution Control Department (PCD) and Traffic Police have co-organized a workshop to train auto inspectors.

The activity was jointly presided over by PCD Deputy Director-General Suwanna Tiansuwan and Deputy Commander of Traffic Police Pol Col Setthasak Yimcharoen.

Suwanna said the workshop was a refresher course for noise and smoke detection, so officials can implement pollution control measures more efficiently. Statistics have shown that cars producing high levels of smoke and noise have dropped from 40 percent to five percent.

New and old cars are required to meet noise limits of 95 and 100 decibels respectively. Their exhausts must not exceed 45% opacity when measured by a transmissometer or 50% when measured by a smoke meter.

First-time offenders are required to perform the necessary repairs within 30 days. Those who fail to comply are subject to a fine and/or jail time.