Pattaya traffic turns into chaos after heavy downpour flooded roads


Predawn thunderstorm today dumped heavy rains on Pattaya for two hours, submerging several roads and paralyzing traffic on adjacent areas including the Sukhumvit highway from South Pattaya to Pattaya Sai 3.


The heavy downpour started at 4.00 am today and stopped two hours later.

Several roads in Pattaya were submerged, causing morning traffic to almost a standstill and piled up several kilometres long as in some section of the road, particularly the Soi Khao Talo, it was under 30 centimetres of water, impassable for small vehicles.

Pedestrians and office employees were also reported to walk difficultly as the water was too deep to wade through to work without getting wet.

In addition, draining of water out of the flooded roads and sidewalks were slow, thus worseing traffic in this world’s famous seaside resort.

Traffic police have to divert traffic to other routes until water was drained out, particularly at the road along the rail line from Soi Khao Talo.


The situation returned normal again when water was drained out three hours later.

Meanwhile the Meteorological Department forecast rains to cover 80% of Bangkok this afternoon.

In some areas of Bangkok, it says heavy rains could be expected.

In the North and the Northeast, rains will be less as cold spell is moving down to blanket the areas.

More rains are expected in the lower central region and the South, it said.




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